The Hidden Treasures of Peterhead – Artist/Graphic Designer Opportunity

Design Brief – ‘The Hidden Treasures of Peterhead’

Creative window decals for the town centre of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

Artventure, a community focused Arts & Culture Group in partnership with Rediscover Peterhead Ltd are seeking a visual artist/graphic designer to create original designs working with the local community to illustrate what are the ‘Hidden Treasures of Peterhead’.  These will appear as vinyl decal reprographics and ‘exhibited’ within empty shop windows in Peterhead town centre.

The key aspects of this project are to:

1) To create a series of high-quality map images to be displayed within empty shop windows of the Peterhead Town centre.  The project aims to deliver an output target of 10-12 windows.

2) To deliver a series of creative workshops involving young people / participants from the community to generate ideas, thoughts, quotes, sketches or drawings about what they think are the ‘hidden treasures of Peterhead’ and to bring these together in a series of designs based around ‘fantastical maps’.   This can be anything relating to its past, present or future – real, imagined or possible.

Like other towns all over the UK, Peterhead has experienced a rise in the number of vacant shops in the town centre. Empty shops have a detrimental effect on the vibrancy and attractiveness of a town. This project will utilise a number of empty shop windows, to bring together and celebrate the community’s perceptions of what they feel are the ‘hidden treasures’ of Peterhead’s history and culture by filling windows with bright and visually appealing artworks.

The artwork should:

  • Provide part or whole window decal coverage to suit the individual premises identified by the project team.
  • Present a vibrant theme in an eye-catching, colourful, modern style which helps create a clear route through the town centre.
  • Have visual links to existing historical and cultural features such as the Peterhead Town Trail
  • Help generate a sense of pride of place for local residents, businesses and visitors to the town.
  • Be presented as print-ready artwork in a format outlined by the reprographics company that will fabricate and install the decals.


In 2016, a very successful design charrette took place in Peterhead. Under the banner “Choose Peterhead”, local people shared their ideas and wishes for the town centre. One of the key themes which emerged, and which was broadly supported by all age groups was the desire for a more colourful and vibrant town centre involving new and progressive opportunities around arts and culture priorities to make Peterhead a vibrant and exciting destination to visit.  Evidence of this was captured in a charrette exercise called ‘I wish this was…’ which recorded the many comments from residents who expressed opinions on the need to make the town centre more colourful, to create a big art canvas along with multiple requests for an art gallery, to have more art and less vandalism, to feel safer within town centre spaces and to see more people using the area. Artventure seeks to address this feedback and to involve community members in helping take their ideas forward.

As part of the current ‘Invest in Peterhead’ strategy, Rediscover Peterhead Ltd has been working with Aberdeenshire Council and Artventure to deliver a shared vision for Peterhead town centre as a bright and vibrant place which people enjoy visiting.  The window decals project aims to tie in with the Rediscover Peterhead ambition to improve the economic environment of Peterhead town centre through management and regeneration projects. It actively supports businesses and stakeholders in the Business Improvement District (BID) area. Part of the ‘Invest in Peterhead’ strategy is to improve and to fill empty shop units.

Key objectives of BID include:

  • To increase footfall through the town centre
  • To make the town centre a more attractive place for businesses, their customers and visitors
  • To market the town to a local, regional, national and international audience

The decal designs will be a temporary insertion into the public realm. It is envisaged that they will be in situ for a period of up to 12 months commencing from December 2019. They will be removed at the end of this ‘exhibition period’ or when the vacant property hosting the artwork decal becomes occupied, whichever occurs first.

Window Decal Project Timeline:             

Midnight Sunday 22nd September 2019:                 Deadline for submissions of interest

W/C Monday 23rd September 2019:                         Selection panel meet to review applications

W/C Monday 30th September 2019:                         Interviews for applicants

W/C Monday 7th October 2019:                                  Successful visual artist/graphic designer notified

October 2019:                                                                    Artist to begin engagement with groups and schools

Mid November 2019:                                                      Draft designs to be produced

End of November 2019:                                                 Final Designs ready to go to Reprographics Company

December 2019:                                                               Installation of Designs in empty shop windows in

Peterhead Town Centre

The visual artist / graphic designer will:

  • Plan and develop a series of original, print-ready designs for fabrication and installation in window locations in Peterhead town centre (details below)
  • Have experience of working with schools or community groups to develop original designs which are visually dynamic and appropriate for presentation as window decals and which will be on show in the town centre. The artist should consider that the work will be seen at different times of day and throughout the year.
  • The Artist will be PVG checked and will be able to identify groups to work with to help develop this project, along with any suggestions provided by Artventure and Rediscover Peterhead. The Artist will develop a timetable for engagement with these groups over a period of 1 month.
  • Ensure that their design will deliver a positive and engaging association with the town of Peterhead. The artist is expected to have an understanding/interest in the history, traditions and innovations of Peterhead and feel confident in embodying elements of the town’s story in their designs.
  • Brief liaison with the reprographics company fabricating the finished designs to ensure high quality resolution and format according to the dimensions of each individual window space.
  • Present the project team with high resolution images of the design for use in marketing and publicity of the project.


There is a budget of £2,500 for the design work.

The designs will be fabricated and installed by a reprographics company identified by the project team and the Artist will be able to be involved in proofing and installation.  A separate budget is allocated for this fabrication, installation and marketing.

Payment will be made to the visual artist/graphic designer in two instalments, as follows:

  • 1st payment – on the sign off of an agreed design concept by the project group
  • 2nd payment – on the transfer of designs that meet the specifications of the reprographics company fabricating the finished decals

On completion of the Artworks, copyright will belong to Artventure.

Examples of existing empty window spaces


Typical dimensions(metres) of the 5 main windows are (left to right): 1.9 wide 1.75 high / 1.85 wide 1.75 high / 1.85 wide 1.75 high / 2.3m wide 2m high / 2.25m wide 2.05 high

To Apply

To apply for this opportunity, please submit the following:

  • A maximum of 6 jpgs images which best represent your designs.
  • A CV and short biography. You may also include website links, press articles etc that demonstrate your suitability for this opportunity.
  • Provide a budget breakdown for the £2,500 design work budget to be used.
  • Names and contact details of two professional referees familiar with the artwork of the applicant.

Email applications to:

William McNeil, Chair, Artventure –

If you would like more information about this project, please contact Steph Swales on 07442162201.

This is an Artventure, Rediscover Peterhead Ltd and Aberdeenshire Council partnership project.

Artventure 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our AGM on the 4th March 2019 and special thanks to Eilidh Whiteford for facilitating the Open Space session. We gained new members, discussed the issues and challenges artists face locally, and shared ideas and solutions to these barriers.

One action from the AGM is to merge the Peterhead Arts and Cultural Network/Hub with Artventure. This is in order to not duplicate the efforts by either group and that there is a lot of overlap regarding each group’s aims and objectives:

Artventure was set up with the mission of working with the communities of Peterhead to

  • Stimulate and enable the development of cultural activities
  • Promote, support and sustain our cultural identity
  • Celebrate our cultural heritage

The Peterhead Arts and Cultural Events were set up to focus on a cultural/arts network/hub with specific aims and objectives, including:

  • Growing participation in activities and connecting the community through culture & arts
  • Promoting local culture, arts and heritage
  • Understanding community needs and issues
  • Supporting groups and leadership

In addition to the overlap, there are various benefits of merging both groups under the Artventure name including:

  • Both memberships attending less meetings
  • Both memberships being able to network with more people
  • Both memberships providing new perspectives and ideas to the other
  • Arts/Culture Network having a larger network of members/supporters and attendees
  • Artventure is a constituted group, so the rules for meetings, memberships, etc have already been established
  • Artventure has a bank account, making applying for funding easier
  • Artventure has a recognisable identity/branding including social media

At the AGM, meetings for the rest of 2019 were scheduled for the following dates, all taking place from 6pm to 8pm:

  • 15th April
  • 27th May
  • 8th July
  • 26th August
  • 7th October
  • 9th December

If you weren’t able to attend but are interested in becoming a member, attending future meetings or in local arts & culture in Peterhead and the surrounding area, please e-mail

Welcome to Artventure!

Welcome to Artventure’s website. We are a group of people who wanted to promote and celebrate Peterhead’s arts and culture and have come together under the banner of Artventure Peterhead.

We will use this website to:

  • Provide fuller updates on our current projects
  • Showcase previous works that we have completed
  • Promote local artists, individuals and groups
  • Support artistic, cultural and heritage projects in the local area

If you’d like to know more about Artventure and the work we do, check our about page.

If you have any suggestions or comments for Artventure, you can send us a message using the contact form or by messaging our Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting arts, culture and heritage in Peterhead! 🙂