Current Projects

As most of these projects are in the development phase, we can’t share all the details just yet, but feel free to see what we’re involved in at the moment:

Rainworks – in partnership with Peterhead Community Council

Rainworks are rain-activated pieces of art made by spraying a super-hydrophobic coating on concrete. A short video showing the process off can be found here. Artventure has taken on a project using Rainworks to take advantage of Peterhead’s inclination towards wetter weather.  To support the project, Peterhead Community Council have ring fenced a sum of £200 towards it. Members of Artventure and PCC have worked together to source alternative, cost-effective sprays as well as locations for the spray to be used and stencils/shapes. Members have now tested out various types of hydrophobic coating on different surfaces around Peterhead and it’s been agreed to order the original ‘invisible spray’. 

Peterhead Cultural & Arts Network

Artventure organised 2 public events (one in May 2018 and second in October 2018) which sought to explore the appetite and level of interest by the community for an arts and culture network/hub. Attendees included amateur and professional artists, local residents and other interested parties. Attendees of each event noted that they made valuable links with other creatives in town and both events have shown that there is lots of support for a joined up approach to arts and cultural projects. As the aims of the cultural and arts network and Artventure majorly overlap, it was decided at our 2019 AGM to merge the two together by inviting attendees of the Cultural and Arts Network meetings to Artventure. Further information on this can be found here.

Wall Mural in Peterhead Town Centre

One of the first projects that Artventure has been developing is a painted wall mural in Peterhead. On behalf of the Community Planning Partnership, Artventure sought an experienced artist to create an original and permanent work that will improve the external appearance of Peterhead’s town centre. Since then, Bobby McNamara “Rogue-One” has been approached to paint a wall mural. Rogue-One has over 15 years of experience in spray paint art – his previous pieces can be found on Facebook. His most recent work is a mural for Kinning Park Community Garden in Glasgow. Artventure have discussed several locations for a wall mural including the side of Semi-Chem, Errolls and Fresh Catch. Members are currently looking into if planning permission is needed for the walls.

Window Decals – In Partnership with Rediscover Peterhead Limited

Artventure has discussed displaying artwork using vinyl decals on empty shop windows in Peterhead Town Centre. Members met with Iain Sutherland of Rediscover Peterhead to develop this idea further as the BID are heavily involved with town centre businesses. Artventure members have researched costings, brainstormed potential designs, and a design brief has now been forwarded to the Arts Development Team of Aberdeenshire Council.

Peterhead Building Plans – In Partnership with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives

Ruaraidh Wishart, a City Archivist from Aberdeen City Council contacted Artventure to discuss developing a project centered around exhibiting the Building Plans for Peterhead which are of interest to members of the public. These plans date from 1880 to 1975 and quite literally show us Peterhead’s history – such as the old Peterhead Academy, The Playhouse on Queen Street, and the old Herring Salesroom on Farmer’s Lane. Ruaraidh and David Catto, a Local Studies Librarian for Aberdeenshire Council, attended an Artventure meeting in June 2018 to progress the idea further.

Project Drafts –

In addition to these, Artventure members have discussed the possibility of taking forward projects including:

  • Hosting a second photo competition, with a possible theme of Street Life
  • Developing an online newsletter to promote arts/culture in the local area
  • Hosting an exhibition to show off Peterhead Rock Challenge’s costumes from previous years

All of these projects are either in the draft phase or in development – you can keep up to date with progress on our Facebook.

If you have an artistic or cultural project which you would like to discuss, please contact us through e-mail: