Past Projects

Artventure works with the communities of Peterhead to celebrate and promote arts and culture in the town – here are a few of our completed projects from 2017. You can also click the photos to visit each project page.



Blootoon Picaroons – Local youth theatre MODO were able to design and perform a fantastic street show at various events and shows, funded through Artventure and Developer Obligations.






Photography Competition 2017 – Our competition which ran from December 2016 to March 2017 resulted in three winning photographs which are now proudly displayed in the reception of Buchan House, Peterhead.





Timeless” Painting Commission – Artventure¬† was happy to promote Steven Rae, a local student artist, and his works to the wider community and provided an artist space and materials to use whilst he completed a commission from Aberdeenshire Council.