Artventure organised 2 public events (one in May 2018 and second in October 2018) which sought to explore the appetite and level of interest by the community for an arts and culture network/hub. Attendees included amateur and professional artists, local residents and other interested parties. Attendees of each event noted that they made valuable links with other creatives in town and both events have shown that there is lots of support for a joined up approach to arts and cultural projects. As the aims of the cultural and arts network and Artventure majorly overlap, it was decided at our 2019 AGM to merge the two together by inviting attendees of the Cultural and Arts Network meetings to Artventure.

As a result Peterhead Arts and Cultural events were set up to focus on a cultural/arts network/hub with specific aims and objectives, including:

  • Growing participation in activities and connecting the community through culture & arts
  • Promoting local culture, arts and heritage
  • Understanding community needs and issues
  • Supporting groups and leadership

In addition to the overlap, there are various benefits of merging both groups under the Artventure name including:

  • Both memberships attending less meetings
  • Both memberships being able to network with more people
  • Both memberships providing new perspectives and ideas to the other
  • Arts/Culture Network having a larger network of members/supporters and attendees
  • Artventure is a constituted group, so the rules for meetings, memberships, etc have already been established
  • Artventure has a bank account, making applying for funding easier
  • Artventure has a recognisable identity/branding including social media