Jill McWilliam. interviewer and utuber. For someone who loves to interview people and post on utube, Jill has been very slow to help me flesh out her details. We’ve now made a deal and I have to interview Jill on what drives her to make these short videos. That should be quite interesting, i hope, as I never carried out a produced a video interview and Jill will be on the opposite side of the camera.

What can I tell you about JilI?   Her videos are all about connecting People, Connecting places, language and sounds. Jill’s latest video is MODO’s “Doricula” performed at Slains Castle. I think it’s very good, though I am a member of MODO and may be a bit biased.

You can see more of Jill’s work on her utube site at Jill McWilliam utube