Who We Are (click on the picture for more information)

Modo was formed in 1995. Initially its work was divided between professional theatre and youth and community projects.

Over time the passion for engaging and rewarding activities for young people has become the core activity of the company, and with this the development of our social circus approach.

After years working across the Highlands and Glasgow, Modo started to work in North East Scotland in 2007. The success of this work led to the company setting up a permanent base in Peterhead in 2013 and relocating fully to Aberdeenshire in 2014.

Modo continues to maintain and develop connections throughout Scotland as well as keeping close links with our European partners.

Modo – Circus with purpose is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland: No. 157362

Modo – Circus with purpose is a recognised Scottish charity: No. SC02357


What we do

Modo is committed to finding ways to engage, and to inspire, the very widest cross section of the population. This has led to a wide range of work:

  • One-off Circus Workshops
  • CircoModo Programmes
  • Targeted projects
  • Community extravaganzas and events

Modo creates participatory projects ranging from a single group performing to their peers to hundreds of participants coming together to create a huge spectacular. We also provide tailored circus workshops in circus to cater for all ages and abilities. We work across Aberdeenshire and Scotland.

CircoModo is our own style of social circus. This brings together participants from all backgrounds to learn, work and play together while providing a range of positive pathways.

In all our work we seek to have a real purpose. We want to make a difference. To the people involved, to their lives outside the programmes and to the wider community.


Why we do it

Circus is exciting, it requires teamwork and has within it clearly defined achievements. Through learning new skills, circus gives young people a real sense of achievement.

As well as pride in their own accomplishments, it allows young people to perform to their community and to gain accreditation, skills and experiences.

Participants and volunteers gain confidence in expression of ideas and in presenting to others. They are better equipped to make decisions and to articulate their needs and opinions.

Participation encourages the development of good communication, self expression, group work and community engagement as well as improving physical health and well-being.

It provides an enjoyable non-gender specific physical activity for those not interested in sports or other physical activities and creates a focus for the talents and enthusiasms.

It changes people’s lives through the passion it brings, raising aspirations, excitement and perseverance.