In 2017, on behalf of the Buchan Local Community Planning Group, Artventure sought an experienced artist to create, direct and perform live circus and street theatre with a focus on aspects of the Peterhead Town Trail which tells the stories of Peterhead’s diverse culture and rich history.

During Summer 2017, MODO was funded to deliver the “Blootoon Picaroons” show – a comical show which follows two rival gangs of hapless pirates on their quest for treasure, which picks up on some of the rumoured pirate connections of Peterhead’s history.

The street show was designed to be performed in Drummer’s Corner, and the size of it allowed MODO to perform it in various other public spaces. Over Summer, the Blootoon Picaroons performed in


The performances have allowed MODO all sorts of networking opportunities

The performances have allowed MODO all sorts of networking opportunities –

  • MODO collaborated with Roundhouse in London for their “On Mass 2017” Music Festival. Performers from Roundhouse traveled up to Peterhead to rehearse with MODO members. MODO performers then traveled down to London to perform live in front of an audience of 1,500+ as well as the performance being globally live streamed to more than 5,000+ viewers.
  • MODO have also teamed up with Iustomo for the second year of the JéMBE Festival where they’ll host and participate in a week of performances and workshops from the 18th to 23rd June 2018.

You can keep up with the Blootoon Picaroons and MODO’s other activities through their Facebook page